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Muller Family Chart   [Pleve Chart]

Courtesy of Betty Miley Ashley

Note:  Please also see the Family Genealogy Data - by Surname - for this descendancy chart.

A major portion of this issue of Jeruslan Nachrichten is devoted to the results of research conducted by Dr. Igor and Ludmilla Pleve of Saratov on the Muller family.  Betty Ashley, Wiesenuller Village Research Coordinator, and many other descendants of Katherine Elisabeth MULLER SCHAFER commissioned this research.

Katherine Elizabeth Muller was born 10 Oct 1871 in Wiesenmuller.  She married George SCHAFER 31 May 1892 in Gnadenthau and died 11 June 1944 in Rocky Ford, CO.  Dr and Mrs Pleve state:

It was very difficult to do [the genealogical research on the family of Muller from the Dietel colony] because four MULLER families settled there from the moment of the foundation of the Dietel colony and another MULLER family also moved there from the Frank colony at the 80th years of the 18th century.  All of those MULLER families had numerous descendants.  Only thanks to that fact that documents on this family were well preserved we could analyze all the branches of it.  The work includes the period of time from the moment of coming of the family of MULLER in Russia in 1766 and up to 1879.  The church books on the Dietel colony, fixing the dates of death are preserved before 1917 and that is why the infomation there touches the latest period of time.

Between you ancestors there were families which moved to Wiesenmuller and that was the reason why the information on them concerning with the Dietel colony breaks off in 1857.  The family of Christian David MULLER born in 1815 and also all the families of the line of David MULLER born in 1777 except the family of Conrad MULLER born 29 Apr 1810 moved to the Wiesenmuller colony."