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Die Welt-Post, Thursday, November 9, 1922

Headline: List of Names of Refugees Living in Polotsk

from Hugh Lichtenwald

From the colony of Neu-Hussenbach:
Friedrich and Maria Geist, nee Jung, with 1 child; Jakob and Anna Margarethe Geist; Eva Katharina Flat, nee Sittner; Elisabeth Jung; Alexander and Maria Lais; Johann Georg and Katharina Besel; Georg and Natalie Huwa, nee Keil, with 1 child; Georg and Maria Katharina Schwab; Johannes and Heinrich Schwarz; Wilhelm Rempel.

From the colony of Schuch:
Peter and Juliana Berger, nee Kollmann, with 3 children; Johannes and Seraphina Faesser, nee Schaechtel, with 1 child; Helena Faesser; Peter and Rosalia Preis, nee Faesser; Georg and Maria Falkenstein, nee Schmidt, with 3 children; Lukas and Christina Falkenstein, nee Siben, with 2 children; Christina Colman, nee Kress, with 1 child; Margarethe, Katharina; Adam and Alphons Colman; Felmina Kress, nee Hochnadel, with 1 child; Aloisius and and Juliana Berger, nee Hochnadel, and Maria Berger; Margarethe Schaechtel, nee Schambern, and Alexander and Katharina Schaechtel; Jakob and Elisabeth Laumann, nee Sieben; Amalia Sieben with 1 child.

From the colony of Hoelzel:
Heinrich, Barbara, Katharina Dumrauf, and 4 children; Andreas and Julita Weit; Wilhelm and Barbara Bauser, nee Fritz, with 3 children; Heinrich and Marianne Glock, nee Schmidt, with 7 children; Georg and Anna Dumrauf, nee Putwilowski, with 4 children, and Emilie and Barbara Dumrauf; Heinrich and Barbara Kessler, nee Dumrauf, with 1 child; Johannes Frank with 2 children.

From the colony of Alt-Schilling: Conrad and Margarethe Walter, with 2 children.

From the colony of Dietel:
Johann Georg and Marilis Jung, nee Schild, with 2 children, and Maria Katharina and Maria Jung; Eva Michel; David and Evlis Muell, nee Kindsvater, with 6 children; Johann Georg, Evlis and Elisabeth Mill; Alexander and Heinrich Steinmer with 2 children; Heinrich and Amalie Mill, nee Spreier, with 2 children; Heinrich Pitsch; Maria and Christina Elisabeth Zither, nee Schmidt.

From the colony of Straub: Peter and Christina Margarethe Schaefer, nee Schaefer, with 3
children; Katharina Schaefer.

From the colony of Vollmer:
Georg and Susanna Daetzel, nee Seewald, with 4 children; Katharina Weinkauf; Alexander and Maria Dettzel, nee Ostertag, with 3 children, and Helene Dettzel; Georg and Maria Dettzel, nee Rollhaeuser, and Joseph Dettzel.

From the colony of Rosenfeld: Alexander Korbmacher.

From the colony of Warenburg:
Maria Korbmacher, nee Faldin; Heinrich Schiffman with 3 children; Conrad and Katharina Elisabeth Lorenz, nee Moor, with 5 children; Maria Katharina and Anna Lorenz, orphans; Georg and Maria Susanna Simon, nee Scherer, with 3 children; Katharina Simon; Annemarie Simon, orphan; Margarethe Leisle, nee Simon, with 1 child; Heinrich and Elisa Bier, nee Simon; Maria Christine David, with 1 child, and Friedrich, Heinrich David, with 2 children; Georg Heinrich and Maria Katharina Andreas, nee Bier; Katharina Elisabeth and Maria Christine Kreider; Johannes, Heinrich and Peter Kleim.

From the colony of Rosenbert-Unterdorf:
Ottilie Kuhlmann, nee Ehrlich, with 6 children, and Samuel, Bertha and Eugenie Kuhlmann; David and Marilisbeth Sterger, nee Sprenk, with 1 child; Johannes and Elisabeth Keller, nee Aab, with ? children; Friedrich and Anna Talinger with 4 children; Friedrich and Maria Kraus, nee Mueller; Jakob and Maria Keller, nee Rutz, with 1 child.

From the colony of Stahl-Karman:
Jakob and Maria Elisabeth Kraus, nee Schneider, with 2 children; Katharina, Anna, Christian Kraus, with 3 children.

From the colony of Pfeifer: Johann Peter and Pauline Oberst, with 1 child.

From the colony of Schilling:
Georg Kaufmann with 3 children; Martin and Eva Worster, nee Sattler, with 1 child; David and Margarethe Schmidt, with 2 children; Alexander Maul and 1 child (2 orphans); Martin, Maria and Barbara Rein, with 3 children; Elisabeth Brum with 3 children; Maria Dom with 2 children; Jakob and Maria Schmidt with 3 children; Conrad and Katharina Worster, nee Kaufmann, with 1 child; Elisabeth Worster with 2 children; Elis. Worster, nee Maurer.