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In April 1994, Betty Ashley (Village Coordinator for Wiesenmuller) and I (former Village Coordinator for Gnadenthau) began publishing a quarterly newsletter for descendants of the Wiesenseite daughter colonies along the Jeruslan River. Our main focus was the villages Wiesenmuller, Gnadenthau, and Friedenberg, however we welcomed information regarding neighboring villages such as Morgantau, Kana, and others.

At that time we had a goodly amount of materials to share - church records, passenger lists, Bible records, interviews, correspondence with Volga Deutsch still living in the former Soviet Union and Germany and others - as well as a database of over 2,000 individuals. Thanks to research gains in Russia and the help of our loyal subscribers, our project grew by leaps and bounds. In addition, I was fortunate to have visited these villages (and others) in July 1993.

What follows are excerpts from those newsletters that we believe are still very relevant to researchers today. We hope to eventually add photographs, charts, maps and other information as we can.

~ Sue & Betty 

Please click on the year to go to those newsletters.  Titles are given so that might more easily find the newsletter articles of interest to you.


Vol 1 No 1

Vol 1 No 2

Vol 1 No 3   

1995  incomplete (under construction)

Vol II  No 1

Vol II  No 2

Vol II  No 3

Vol II  No 4

1996  -  under construction

Vol III  No 1

Vol III  No 2

Vol III  No 4