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Dietz Family Information

from Ethel Lock

Ethel Lock writes:

Regarding the obit of Charlotte VOGEL SOMMER DIETZ with born 2 June 1862 Jakofka and died 13 Mar 1940 Ft Collins, CO. I received the following dates from her stepson, Frederick Jacob DIETZ (his wife was a BOXBERGER) in spring 1974 when I was doing my DIETZ book. I have Charlotte born 1868 Russia and died 30 Mar 1940 Ft Collins, CO. Could I have been given the wrong names and dates? Rosemary Meier Watters is her granddaughter? I also have Charlotte's maiden name as BOXBERGER, and that she married 1. VOGEL and 2.DIETZ.

George Jacob DIETZ born 28 June 1855 Kratzke; died 26 July 1957 Galatia.: buried Galatia.

Married #1 Anna Elizabeth MAl born 17 Nov 1853 Russia; died 18 June 1918 Galatia; buried Milberger, KS. They had 8     children. Frederick Jacob DIETZ, the 5th child, born 1886 Russell County, KS; died 1982 Ft Collins, CO.

Married #2 Charlotte BOXBERGER VOGEL born 1868 Russia; died 30 Mar 1940 Ft Collins, CO.


I also have:

  • Katharina Elizabeth DIETZ born 23 June 1853 Kratzke; died 28 Sep 1911 Russell, KS. Married John Georg MAl born 10 Nov 1850 Kratzke; died 19 June 1925 Wakeeney, KS
  • George Jacob DIETZ & Katharina Elizabeth DIETZ MJ\! were brother and sister.
  • Anna Elizabeth MAl DIETZ (!st wife of George Jacob DIETZ) and John Georg MAl (husband of Katharina Elizabeth DIETZ MAl) were sister and brother.
  • George Jacob DIETZ and Katharina Elizabeth DIETZ MAl had a sister who married a brother to Anna Elizabeth MAl DIETZ and John Georg MAl. She stayed in Russia, but had children who came to WaKeeney, KS.