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It is thought that this family originated in the Mother Colony of Dreispitz. Several others from the general area migrated to the Daughter Colony of Wiesenmuller at the time or after its founding in 1860. The name has been found spelled in a variety of ways in records including PINNECKER, PENNECKER, PENIGER, PINNACKER. The spelling in the title of this page will be used in this paper.

The numbering system is as follows: The earliest known generation is numbered PRI. In each succeeding generation one digit is added to the right. For example, #124 is the fourth child of the second child of the earliest known ancestor.


PRl. _____________________________ PINNECKER b about 1820 probably Dreispitz d

Russia m

11. ADAM PINNECKER SR b about 18;0 probably Dreispitz m about 1865 MARIE NEIDENSIS/NEIDENS. He m #2 EVA . He was a clockman and farmer living around 1920 -d-Wiesenmuller

Ill. MARY CATHERINE PINNECKER b 25 Feb 1869 Wiesenmuller d Rocky Ford CO m JOHN FREDERICK DAHMER b 3 Apr l871 Russia d 7 Sept 1943 Rocky Ford CO carne to U.S. 12 Oct 1907 aboard S.S.MAIN via port of NY. Dahmer was a blacksmith and farmer both in Russia and U.S. He m #2 1 Jan 1925 in R.F.CO KATIE RUF WITTMAN

1111. MOLLIE DAHMER b 12 May 1899 Wiesenmuller d 27 Mar 1961 R.F.CO m FREDERICK SCHAFER son of GEO and KATHELIZ MULLER SCHAFER on 15 Feb 1917 R.F.CO


1904 Wiesenmuller m EULA NORRIS

1113. FREDERICK DAHMER b 10 Feb 1908 Wiesenmuller m d 20 June 1982 Medford MS

112. ADAM PINNECKER JR b 22 Oct 1874 Wiesenmul1er d 5 Jan 1937 Fresno CA m 23 June 1896 Tittel, Russia MARIE ELIZABETH KNAUS b 5 Aug 1875 Kratzke, Bergseite, Russia d 14 May 1933 Fresno. Carne to U.S. 1 Apr 1926 port of NY after escape through Poland to Frankfurt on the Oder, Germany.


1121. NATALIE PINNECKER b 23 Feb 1897 d before 1921 Russia m FRED STABEL, had 2 children who all d before 1921

1122. JACOB PINNECKER b 17 Feb 1899 dafter 1935 Russia KATHERINE ____________had five children fate unknown

1123. PAULINE PINNECKER b 28 Dec 1901 Wiesenmuller d 1951 Oakland CA m 1922 at Frankfurt on the Oder Germany CHRIS GRASS had four children

1124. LYDIA PINNECKER b 30 Jan 1910 Wiesenmuller m in Fresno CA 1933 FRED SCHMIDT JR two children

1125. THERESA PINNECKER b 25 Apr 1912 Wiesenmuller m 14 June 1930 Fresno CA GEORGE LEHMAN has four children

1126. VICTOR PINNECKER b 11 Oct 1914 Wiesenmuller m __________ has six children

1127. EMMA PINNECKER b 27 Nov 1916 m 3 Apr 1937 J. WILLIAM HIGUERA who d 1984 Fresno CA. One child

113. HEINRICH PINNECKER b 24 Dec 1876 Alt Weimar Russia d 17 June 1942 San Bruno CA m 1906 Russia MARIE PENNECKER dau of CONRAD (#12) and KATHERINE YEKEL PINNECKER b 31 Mar 1882 Wiesenmuller d 1947 San Bruno CA. Came to U.S. via NY aboard the S.S. HAVERFORD (Passport indicates they left Liverpool 15 Mar 1911).

1131. HENRY PINNECKER band d Russia

1132. MARIE ROSE PINNECKER b 24 Aug 1908 Elainendorf, Caucasus, Russia d age 13 Rocky Ford CO

1133. ADOLPH PINNECKER b 3 Sep 1910 Wiesenmuller m and div INEZ HAMSON

1134. ROSALIE PINNECKER b 8 Nov 1916 Rocky Ford CO m FRED EICHMAN JR children

1135. ARTHUR PINNECKER b 24 May 1919 R.F. CO m LILLIAN ______

1136. ELVINA PAULINE b 28 Mar 1921 R.F. CO m RALPH LYONS

12. CONRAD PINNECKER b about 1850 Dreispitz, had "Lafka" d Russia (heart attack) m KATHERINE YEKEL/JEKEL

121. JACOB PINNECKER band d Russia

122. CONRAD PINNECKER band d Russia inherited the "Lafka"

1221. VICTOR PINNECKER band d Russia schoolmaster (We are guessing that Victor fits here)

123. HEINRICH PINNECKER (different reports say that he was next to the youngest and the oldest???) b and d Russia

124. SUSANNA/PAULINE? Born and d Russia

125. KATHERINE ELIZABETH PINNECKER b 11 Nov 1872 Wiesenmuller d 22 Feb 1942 R.F.CO m JOHANN GEORGE DIEL b 8 Jun 1868 Friedenberg Russia d 3 Nov 1922 son of JOHANN JOHANN and SUSANNA FREIDENBERGER DIEL. Arrived U.S. Nov 1912 aboard S.S.ARABIC Boston going to Agress MichIgan, then R.F.CO

1251. FREDERICK DIEL b 8 May 1900 Friedenberg Russia rn MARIA GOEBEL who d 1979. He rn#2 Oct 1980. 3 children

1252. JACOB DIEL b 8 Aug 1902 Friedenberg d Aug 1967 R.F.CO rn PAULINE SCHLEGEL 7 children

1253. AMALIE DIEL b 20 Jan 1905 Friedenberg rn 10 Jan 1926 FRED B. HOFFMAN who d Oct 1980. She d Feb 1984.


1254. HEINRICH DIEL b 7 Sep 1907 Friedenberg rn MARIE GRASSMICK 23 Dec 1934 who d Oct 1969. He is living in Fowler CO. 5 children

1255. ALEXANDER DIEL b 16 Jan 1910 Russia rn MILLY he d Aug 1983. No children

1256. GEORGE DIEL b 5 Nov 1912 at sea d DOROTHY GIBSON 2 girls

Nov 1980 R.F.CO rn

1257. EMANUEL DIEL b 19 May 1916 R.F.CO rn ROSE MARIE WAGONER. No children

126. MARIE PENNECKER b 31 Mar 1881 Wiesenmuller d 1947 San Bruno CA rn HEINRICH PINNECKER (#113) son of ADAM and MARIE NIEDENS PINNECKER. See above for children.