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Dear Reader,

The problem of deciding what to include in this first edition of "Wiesenmuller Verwandtschaften" is difficult, but the question of where to begin is even harder. Our main intent is to record whatever can be found in the way of pictures, stories, and other memories of our people before they are all lost or forgotten. I have also become interested in the relationships of these ancestors to each other, and, also, the descendants' relationships to each other.

This edition contains some information about the family of Pinnecker. I've started with the Pinneckers for two reasons: They were willing to share an abundance of material, and their stories are quite varied and interesting. Mr. Henry Diel of Fowler, Colorado, had previously taped his report for his children. I think it is a perfect story to set the stage for other family reports which will appear in future issues. Lydia Pinnecker Schmidt's story is one exciting enough for a novel.

There has been some discussion among my informants concerning correct pronunciation and spelling of various German Russian place names and surnames. I plead complete ignorance as to what is right and what is wrong in all instances. Whenever possible I shall use the spelling found in AHSGR publications for place names. As for surnames Iíll try to use the most common form when possible. My word processor is without an umlaut, so rather than add the English "e" in such names as Muller (Mueller) and Schafer (Schaefer), Iíll leave both umlaut and "e" out for the time being. Concerning pronunciation only those of you who actually heard it really know how it was said.

Very little information is available concerning the founding of Wiesenmuller. A few mother colony names can be found when records show places of birth of our ancestors born before 1860. That was the year Wiesenmuller, one of the "daughter colonies" was opened up to help the population problem of the "mother colonies". In such birth records we have found the names of the old villages of Kratzke, Dietel, Stephan, Muller, and Schwab, to mention a few.

As you peruse these pages, dear Reader, please do so with compassion for a fellow descendant who is limited in ability but full of enthusiasm. Much help and guidance is needed and eagerly solicited. The map is only a beginning (I hope this isn't all!) Please send us any bits of information no matter how trivial you might feel it is. It could be of great value to someone else.

I wish to thank all the wonderful people who have been so generous with time, letters, pictures, and help. And if you enjoy these pages as much as I have enjoyed putting them together my time has been well spent.


Betty Ashley

P.S.   Some of the dates don't add up...   All information comes from family records not documented by me.