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Surnames with Their Mother Colonies

 The source of this information is Dr. Igor Pleve, 1997. These are the family names found in the records for this village. Some are Original Settlers, however some families came later.

Schneider from Holstein
Wiesner from Schwab
Stuckert from Schwab
Schmunck from Schwab
Meier from Schwab
Eichmann from Schwab
Dorsch from Schwab
Spengler from Mueller
Greb from Mueller
Georg from Mueller
Keil from Mueller
Schaefer from Mueller
Leinschmidt from Mueller
Eckel form Mueller
Winter from Mueller
Schneider from Mueller
Buxmann from Mueller
Koch from Mueller
Hoffmann from Mueller
Nuss from Mueller
Weinbender from Mueller
Spengler from Mueller
Usinger from Mueller
Miedens from Mueller
Lohmann from Mueller
Schaefer from Stephan
Haas from Stephan
Stuertz from Stephan
Ernst from Stephan
Reiswig from Stephan
Ruppel from Stephan
Walter from Stephan
Stabel from Stephan
Treise from Stephan
Mullerr from Stephan
Spilmann from Stephan
Helfenbein from Stephan
Ebel from Stephan
Balzer from Stephan
Lochmann from Stephan
Ginnerhardt from Stephan
Mohr from Stephan
Friezler from Stephan
Brieckmann from Tscherbakovka
Koch from Galka
Geier from Galka
Kerps from Galka
Weber from Grimm
Drosch (Drot) from Grimm
Maus from Grimm
Kraft from Grimm
Zimmermann from Grimm
Schaefer from Grimm
Schneider from Franzosen
Lichtenwald form Franzosen
Geld from Franzosen
Dahmer from Franzosen
Schwan from Franzosen
Manweiler from Franzosen
Nuss from Franzosen
Schwarzkopf from Franzosen
Buxbaum from Franzosen
Scheck from Franzosen
Grenz frmo Franzosen
Vogel from Franzosen
Meier from Franzosen
Mihl from Franzosen