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Letter from Frieda Lautenschleger

from Ruth Muth Grenard


Ruth Muth Grenard received this letter from Frieda LAUTENSCLEGER, whose mother and her sister, were born BUXMANN, and who were raised by a Heinrich MUTII family. Ruth believes this Heinrich (born 5 Sep 1902 from Bible record interpretations) and Amalja MUTH to be the son of Friedrich MUTH. who was the son of Friedrich "Town Father" MUTH, and this Heinrich MOTH family with the BUXMANN children, may have lived in Chutor Srnimow. Frieda and her mother believe their BUXMANN family went to America and their LAUTENSCHLEGER family went to Canada.


" ... I am writing this at the request of my mother, Emma LAU'TENSCHLEGER (nee BUXMAN 22 Sep 1926). ... Her father Friedrich BUXMANN, son of Friedrichs was born 1900 and his brother, Jacob BUXMANN was born in 1910. Father was born in Wiesenmuller. Mother was born in Chutor Smirnow.

She and her sister Freida (born 17 Mar 1925) were left without a mother for 2 years and father died in a hospital after being jailed. Tbe sisters aged 7 and 9 were orphaned. During this difficult time they lived with your [Ruth Muth Grenard's] relatives Heinrich Ehefran and Amalja MUTH. They had 3 children.

Their oldest son Alexander was born in 1924/25, daughter Emma in 1928, and son Robert. Mother says their house was confiscated. They, together with Amalie Muth, lived with stepmother Olinda WINTER (born 1904) in a house belonging to MUTH family. But they were persecuted and were not allowed to live in this house. One day Heinrich MUTH disappeared and no one knows where he went. During this time people were escaping from prisons after being there for no reason.

Mother also remember Emilia MUTH and her husband Heinrich (Keil). They did not have any children. Mother's stepmother ERDMANN (WINTER), Emilia MUTH and Heinrich met in 1960. Amalie MUTH, my mother and sister were sent to Kazakhstan in August of 1941. From this area everyone was taken to hard labor camp. Alexander, the son of Heinrich MUTHI, was also taken there. He was possible somewhere in the town of Tula. Mother's stepmother said that Amalie MUTH died from hunger, the daughter was also taken to hard labor and that Emma died in Karaganda and younger son Robert was taken to orphanage and his fate is unknown. Sometime in the 60's there was some correspondence with Alexander MUTH looking for his younger brother. Mother is very upset trying to reminisce all the hard times but everyone was helping each other and somehow we have survived. Mother says that the only person who knows the most about Muth family is Alexander MUTH if he is still alive.

Our family moved to Germany in 1992. It was very hard to leave everything and relocate. In my view German is oppressive nation like the people from 1941 and earlier without a country and place to live.

In Kazakhstan we were the fascists and here we are die Russen. Parents knew German language, of course with a dialect, but we the children in our 50's practically no one knows the language. and now we are having financial problems. Many cannot find a job if they don't know the language. I have 25 years experience as a nurse, with a diploma, but cannot work I'm taking care of father, Johannes LAUTENSCHLEGER, born in 1924. He has an uncle somewhere who emigrated to Canada in 1926, in other words he also has some relatives he would like to hear from. It takes almost all my time to take care of father because he is paralyzed and in a wheel chair.

Have you heard of a name BUXMANN? They lost their parents at an early age, perhaps they also had relatives who were lucky to emigrate during those years. " Our family consists of: mother Emma BUXMANN LAUTENSCHLlEGER born 22 Sep 1926; father - Johannes LAUTENSCHLEGER born 11 Aug 1924; and six children: Frieda 1949, Lidija 1950, Katharina 1952, Olga 1955, Alexander 1960, Helena 1965. Everyone is now in Germany. We pray to God to unite all of us. In June the last sister arrived with her husband, but not everything is fine because father is sick and no one but God can help him.

It's hard to believe that our people have suffered so much. People got lost, went away and no one knows where?"