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Treise, Jekel and Jeckel Letters from Germany

Marvin L. YAKEL reported success with his advertisements in the German newspapers. He received letters from Vladimir TREISE, Amelia JEKEL SCHLEINLING and Alexander JECKEL which are below..

Letter from Alexander JEKEL:

"I was born on the Volga, Wiesenmuller, on August 4, 1933.  My father was Georg Heinrich JEKEL born January 14, 1903. His parents were Friedrich JEKEL born @1875 in Wiesenrnuller & died August 31,1948 in the Altai region of Siberia. Grandfather had 7 children:

my father, uncle Friedrich born @1900 or 1901 - he was taken away in 1937, Katherina, Emilia, Amalia, Lida, and Maria. Aunt Katya (Katherina) showed me photos of all the family with uncle Heinrich (Heinjar) and Georg, grandfather's brother who left the Volga region for the US during the terrible famine. I don't know if they are alive. 1 did hear that they sent parcels during the famine and Yezhov purges in 1937. 194145 we were all sent to Siberia. We were not able to attend the funeral for grandfather. Grandmothers name was Katharina BUSCH. She died 1954 at age 82. From the US, Uncle Heinrich sent us a photo with his wife and his 4 children, George and his wife.

[ Marvin comments: Alexander JECKEL is an interesting case. Three of my Grandfather's brother, John, Fred, and George, remained in Russia. George is believed to have gone to Romania. Fred could be Alexander JECKEL's grandfather. The great uncle of Alexander's who. came to America was supposed to be named Heinrich or Henjar? This part doesn't fit in except could John have been also called Heinrich or Henjar and came to the US and we are not aware of it. The photo of Alexander's great uncle and family is interesting and on the copy I have it is difficult to make out anything. The 4 children, if they are of one family, rules out my grandfather Henry YAKEL as being the one in the photo and being Alexander's great uncle. The 3 youngest members of my grandfather's family, shown in the photo were born in 1904, 1910, and 1911. Kathryn JEKEL CLAUS (my second cousin) was born @1905. Lf the children of the 2 families (Henry YAKEL and his brother George Henry JEKEL) were together they probably would not appear as close together in age as what the children do in the photo of Alexander's great uncle's family. I do think Alexander's grandfather's photo and my grandfather look alike!]


Letter from Amalia JEKEL SCHLEINING:

"I was born 1933 in Wiesenmuller, Volga. My father's name was Heinrich JEKEL. My mother was Amalia JEKEL. Birthdates unknown. I have a sister Maria who is now living in Russia. When my mother got married she already had a son from a previous marriage whose name was Samuel. The oldest brother's name was Heinrich. I visited him, as the War began he brought me back to my mother. That was the last time that I saw him. In our village lived several families by the name of EKEL. Those are my half-brothers. Georg EKEL and Friedrich EKEL were both born in Wiesenmuller. In 1991 we came to Germany. I live in Karlsruhe. Kalesche Allee 13. George lives in Tuebingen.

[Marvin comments: Amelia JEKEL SCHLEINLING would appear not to be related to me unless she would be a 3rd or 4th cousin.]


Letter from Vladimir TREISE:

"My great grandparents were emigrants from the Volga. My grandfather on my father's side, Alexander TREISE, was in the village Gnadenthau, born 1899. My great grandfather, his name was Gotfried TREISE, but where or when he was born I do not know. He died about 1935. My great grandmother was Maria TREISE, more I do not know.

"My grandparents & parents lived until 1941 on the Volga in the village Gnadenthau. When the war started they went to Siberia where I was born in 1949. In 1956 after we heard about a list. which oUf name was marked thru we went with the family to Kasakhstan. area Kustanai and in 1975 my parent and my grandmother went to Kirgisien. Grandmother died 1976. mother in 1986. father in 1992. I and my family came on 3rd of September 1994 to Germany. To this time I live in Sachen close to the St Chemnitz.

"We answered after we saw your writing. since the name TREISE in Russia is very rare. My mother said we have relatives in America. but who and where they lived she did not know. During the second war all our paperwork of the family was all lost. that's why I have written everything here. Also I do not know if my great grandparents lived in Wiesenmuller. "

[Marvin comments: I don't have any idea if Vladimir is related to my TREISE family. I don't have any information on my Grandmother. Anna TREISE YAKEL. her parents. or where she was born or lived before marrying my grandfather. We could be related.]