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Vol II  No 1

Vol II  No 2

Vol II  No 3  under construction

Vol II  No 4   under construction


Vol II  No 1

Letters... We Get Letters [re: GOTTSCHOLL / KATCHOL,  STUCKERT]

Anna DUSING of LaJunta, CO writes:  Thank you very much for the newsletters...  So many names I remember my mother mentioned.  she and Dad used to talk about their home and about how they lived.  The picture on the last page of the July issue is of Pastor GOTTSCHOLL (or KATCHOL).  That was the Pastor who confirmed my Dad.  We have a picture of him just exactly the same man.

Bertha O'keefe of Prairie Village, KS writes:  Because of these newsletters strange things do happen.  If you recall, I sent a picture to you of my uncle Robert STUCKERT with a letter in his hands with the thousands of stamps.  I also mentioned my father Reinhold STUCKERT.  A lady in Phoenix saw the picture and recognized the names.  She sent it to her sister in California who sent me a letter this week saying that Reinhold and Marie STUCKERT were her godparents. 


The Balzer Family from Barbara Balzer Drake  -  includes photos

Fred BALZER was born 3 Oct 1877 in Wiesenmuller.  He was baptized 15 Oct 1877 in Wiesenmuller by the Reverend THOMSON and was confirmed on 10 Oct 1893 by the Reverend KASCHOLL.  On 28 May 1898 he was united in marriage to Marie Katherine LICHTENWALT by the Reverend KASCHOLL.  He died 21 Oct 1949 in Billings MT.    Marie Katherine LICHTENWALT BALZER  was born in Wiesenmuller on 27 Sep 1876.  She was baptized on 5 Nov 1876 and confirmed 10 Oct 1892 in Wiesenmuller.  She died 21 Oct 1949 in Billings MT.   Their photo is below:



Fritzler Query from Krasnoyarskii Krai, Russia


Schafer von Fridenberg, Johann Jung - photo

Photo below is believed to be SCHAFER von Friedenberg, Johann JUNG and ?.  Original photo belonging to Marie SCHAFER HEATH of Moab, UT.  Submitted by Betty Ashley who says:  Marie's father was Christian SCHAFER of Otis, KS.  Relationship to me is unknown;  we both have JUNGs and SCHAFERs in our families.


Vol II  No 2

SS Friesland - photo & manifest Apr 1911


Gnadenthau & Morgantau Photographs - including interior of Gnadenthau Church

Betty HUGHBANKS of Harrisburg, NE has shared these 3 photos with us.  Two are of the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Gnadenthau - one is onf the interior and the other is of the exterior with four unidentified men standing to the rear of the church.  The third photo is of the school at Morgentau.

Betty writes that her grandparents attended school at Morgentau.  Her grandparents were confirmed at the church in Gnadenthau and her father was baptized there in 1910.

Betty is the daughter of Henry BAUER born in Morgentau.  He was the son of John BAUER born 18 May 1886 Gnadenthau;  died 2 June 1966, buried Gering, NE;  and his wife Anna Elizabeth BAUER (maiden name Bauer also) born 28 Nov 1889 Morgentau, died 14 Nov 1963, buried Gering NE.  John and Anna Elizabeth BAUER were married at Morgentau.

John's parents were Christoper BAUER and Sophia HAMMER.  Christopher died and Sophia remarried to Edward YOST.  Other children of Christopher and Sophia were:  Jacob, Henry, Alexander and Marie.  The stepchildren were Lydia, Edward and Fred.

Anna Elizabeth's parents were Johann George BAUER and Anna Elizabeth SCHWAB.  Other children in this family were:  John Deitrich, Samuel, Johann George, Fredrick, Christian, and Natalie.



Pastor Koscial


Krug, Vogel, Greb, Fritzler Query & Photo

The below photo is a group of Wiesenmuller neighbors.  The young girl standing at thel eft of the picture is Teresa VOGEl sister to Mary M. KRUG.  Standing to her left is Eve Elizabeth KRUG VOGEL (grandmother of Vera Pringle) and next to her is Amalia GREB FRITZLER, mother of Henry FRITZLER (and grandmother of Vera Pringle).  Teresa's birthdate is about 1915.  She may be about 12 years old in this photo which would make the date of this photoabout 1927.  Can anyone identify the others?


Fishing in the Volga by Fred Buxman


Vol II  No 3

Memorial Contribution for Amelia Vercoe Received

A Love Story, Sort Of  by Marie Schafer Kerbs Heath as told to Betty Miley Ashley

Riffel, Schwartzkoph, Kraft, Ziegler Query

Lich, Roehrig, Spengler, Claus Query

Wurtz Found! from Jon Dolberg

The Village Grimm 1775 & 1798 - extractions of Wiesenmuller and Gnadenthau family names

Schafer Research in Russia

1775 & 1798 Beideck Census - list of Wiesenmuller, Gnadenthau, Friedenberg surnames

Poetry by Pauline Schafer Turner

Special to Tell of Journey of Faith in Russia

Muth - Bechtold Connection by Ruth Muth Grennard


Vol II  No 4

Village News by Bill Wiest (from his 1995 tour of Russia)

Muth Family in Germany from Ruth Muth Grenard - several photos

Die Welt Post Articles

Loss of a Subscriber with Gnadenthau & Wiesenmuller Roots  (Schreiner)

Muller Village Map - list of surnames

The Village Grimm 1775 & 1798 - extractions of Wiesenmuller and Gnadenthau family names - Part II

Kvas Memories from Rosalie Eichman

Research Tips