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Gnadenthau Surnames with their Mother Colonies

 Source: This information came from Dr. Igor Pleve in 1997 and is a list of the family names found in the records for this village along with their Mother colony. Some are Original Settlers, however some families came later. Some are Original Settlers, however some families came later.


Arns from Tscherbakovka
Balzer from Stephan
Bauer from Tscherbakovka
Dieberg ? from Mueller
Goehring from Balzer
Goetze from Stephan
Goweiler from Stephan
Grauberger from Dietel
Guenter from Stephan
Ebel from Stephan
Eichmann from Schwab
Erlich from Tscherbakvka
Hammer from Tscherbakovka
Huwa from Tscherbakovka
Jung from Schwab
Kappel ? from Moor
Kimpel from Grimm
Ladner from Glaka
Lorenz from Schwab
Mai from Tscherbakovka
Mueller from Stephan
Obermueller from Merkel
Ott from Stephan
Reiswig from Stephan
Riel from Stephan
Roehrig from Balzer
Roth from Balzer
Ruppel from Stephan
Schaefer from Stephan
Schoenhals from Stephan
Schwab from Schwab
Schwan from Franzosen
Stabel from Stephan
Stricker from Tscherbakovka
Stuertz from Stephan
Stumpf from Balzer
Treise from Stephan
Walter from Stephan
Weunrauch from Schwab
Winter from Tscherbakovka
Zieg from Balzer