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Partial Lists of Re-Settlers

 From the Mother Colonies Grimm and Stephan.  Please note that the number of the family corresponds to the Revision (census) list for the Mother Colony. Ages given are for the year 1857. Not all families have family numbers listed..

To Gnadenthau from Grimm - Source: Dr. Igor Pleve

  • KIMPEL, Christoph 57; wife Maria Catharina 50; Son: Jacob died 1854

To Gnadenthau from Stephan - Source: Dr. Igor Pleve

  • MEIER, Johannes Georg 36; wife Maria Catharina 33; Daughter: Maria Catharina 9 1/2; Sons: Johannes Georg 8; Johann Georg 1 month.

  • MEIER, Johannes Georg 37; wife Maria Catharina 32; Daughers: Catharina Elisabeth 9; Maria Elisabeth 1 1/2; Sons: Friedrich died 1855; Johann Georg 5; Heinrich 3.