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The Church at Gnadenthau

by Frieda Schreiner Purvis

[ Note:  Frieda wrote in response to a Jeruslan Nachrichten newsletter article written by Sue Kottwitz about her visit to this church.]

I can't begin to tell you how much the current issue of Jeruslan Nachrichten means to me and my family.  When I got to page 10 and started to read your article on The Church at Gnadenthau, I got a lump in my throat and thought: it can't be.  As I read on and then looked at the picture of the church, I was feeling some of the same emotions that I'm sure you went through when you gave your prayers of thanksgiving in the church.  I truly believe it to be the church that my parents were married in.

I remember my parents (Jakob SCHREINER born 12 Feb 1883 in Blumenfeld and Katherine Elizabeth GREB born 16 July 1883 in Blumenfeld) telling about their trip in a decorated wagon to go to Gnadenthau to get married.   Several couples were married that day:  27 Dec 1902.

Freida believes that a Pastor KATCHOL was the minister who performed her parent's marriage.