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NIEDENS of Blumenfeldt

Audrey A. NIEDENS who was born on 23 July 1971 in Saratov. Audrey seeks any information about members of her NIEDENS family. Se states that her great grandfather, Friedrich Friedrich NEIDENS, was born 1895 and died 12 Dee 1934 in the village Warenburg. Her grandfather, Leo F. NIEDENS, was born 1 July 1918 in the village Blumenfield (Jablonja) and died in 1996 in Saratov. The siblings of Leo NEIDENS: Isabell, born 27 Aug 1919 in Blumermeld (Jablonja) and Georg, born 6 May 1922 in Blumenfield (Jablonja). Georg was "gone during the second world war.  Her  father was Andrey L. NIEDENS, born 5 Aug 1951 in Saratov.

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